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Corporate events

We offer event planning and implementation from scratch to finish: venue selection, event structure, social programme, entertaining, logistics, on-site support for all sorts of events – company meetings, corporate conferences, workshops, press conferences, product launches, gala dinners, parties, incentives.

Having the knowledge and skills to secure an outstanding event, we offer a complex, all-inclusive package of event management services.


We offer a complete management service to corporate clients, public institutions and international organisations. We organize conferences and meetings of any size, anywhere in Romania, as well as abroad.

We are not only a service provider, but also a qualified and reliable partner in the design, organization and management of our clients’ projects, down to the smallest detail.


We design, plan and produce our own conferences, which are high level regional events, with a focus on the latest topics and developments on specialised European markets.

Our internationally attended conferences address the key players in the respective business, offering top networking and corporate exposure opportunities.


Why should I use an event management company?
Event management companies like Conventure Business Events are professionals, experts in delivering the event you dream of. We manage your event applying the same high standards and principles you apply when you manage your own business.

Therefore, with nothing to worry about the organization of your event, you can focus entirely on how to raise your company profile and maximise your benefits during the event. Choosing a professional company to organize your events is playing to your strengths.

Is it more expensive to use an event management company?
It can actually turn out to be a less expensive solution, financial wise. Time wise, this will save you of all the headache and concerns that are collateral to creating and managing an event.

As we work with a wide range of providers, venues, facilities, entertainers and so on, we can quickly and efficiently attend to your needs and provide peace of mind at a cost-efficient rate. As experienced professionals in event management, we aim to achieve your objectives and exceed your expectations, thus adding value to your business.

What does it take to have a successful event?
It is very important to establish clear objectives from the start and then to ensure that these stay at the center of the event’s design, planning and execution.

Attention to detail, coupled with effective communication to all parties at all stages are not only pointing to professional event management, but are also reflecting a client’s high standards of professionalism.

How many members of the event management team will be on-site on the event day?
There is no fixed equation for this. First of all the number of the event team depends on the complexity of the event (number of guests, event’s concept, duration and programme).

In all cases, our presence on-site will be as discreet as possible, as we believe that effective management is better served like this. All our events are managed and attended by the team leader assigned to you from the inception phase of the event.

Is there a standard staff-to-guest ratio? How many of my staff do I need on-site on the event day?
This actually depends on your commercial strategy for the event. Based on our experience, we will be happy to offer counselling, so that to help you find the right balance.

Please bear in mind that our professional team will make sure your staff will only be involved in strategic or social hosting, if needed.

How do you find the ideal venue for my event?
Considering our working experience with numerous venues all over Romania, as well as a number of venues across Europe, we will be able to locate the ideal venue for your event.

Why should I use Conventure Business Events for my event?
We always deliver what we promise, we are professional, honest and straight forward. We have an excellent reputation with our clients. A big percentage of our business comes from recommendations or repeats. And we intend to keep it that way!