Energy and economic growth are intrinsically linked. Sustainable development is dependent upon a secure and reliable energy supply. The challenges of creating and meeting regulatory requirements in the newly competitive environment, as well as the strategies for delivering a secure and sustainable energy supply will be among the topics of discussion throughout the two days of the Summit.

Representatives of the biggest players in the market will outline their plans for modernisation and restructuring, as well as the future direction of expansion and growth. Once again, the 6th Emerging Europe Energy Summit will provide a wide range of excellent senior-level strategists that will contribute to discussions of the issues surrounding the challenges faced by the energy markets in the region.

The 6th Emerging Europe Energy Summit will consist of panel discussions where you will gain insight on the challenges of balancing new energy project development. Case-studies will showcase the challenges in action, giving you the methodologies on how you can benefit from the current market conditions.

With so much change ahead for the industry, we are certain that this year's edition of the Summit will be even more lively and diverse and we look forward to welcoming you in Istanbul!